Are they dangerous?


While Little Black Ants, and Odorous House Ants are not dangerous, Carpenter and Fire Ants can present quite a danger. Unlike many other bugs that can only sting once, Fire Ants are able to sting multiple times, resulting in many stinging welts. Carpenter Ants do not bite, however they are capable of causing dangerous damage to the structural integrity of your home.


Next time you have ants in your house, pick one up and squish it between your fingers. The smell may surprise you! Odorous House Ants have a coconut like smell to them when squished. Living in colonies of up to 100,000 members, these ants can become a real problem quick!

Ants in the kitchen again?

An ant invasion in your home can originate from outside around the foundation, under the sidewalk, or in an old tree stump. They can find their way inside through the tiniest crack or crevice , looking for food or water. Ants typically live in structured communities that may be located underground, in ground level mounds, or in trees and can number 300,000 to 500,000. With this many ants trying to get into your home it takes a well trained technician to solve this issue.

Our highly trained technicians first identify the types of ant you have in your home and where they originate. We then utilize a professional control method that will eliminate not just the ants you see, but the entire nest. This is done using a number of methods, such as spraying, baiting, and for the more extreme cases fogging.

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