Are they dangerous?


Fleas do not pose an exact health risk to humans, however they can cause extreme itching which could lead to an infection. As far as your pet is concerned, they also will suffer from extreme itching, and depending on how long they have fleas, and how bad they get they could eventually suffer anemia due to the loss of blood. On top of all of this, if you already suffer from asthma the presence of fleas may make it worse.


There used to be giant fleas that would bite dinosaurs! Compression fossils from Inner Mongolia suggest that there were once fleas up to one inch long. Imagine how high and far these massive fleas would be able to jump!

Fleas biting you and your pet?

Fleas are one of the most irritating bugs you may find yourself dealing with. They breed extremely fast, so once a few get inside it won’t be long until they are everywhere, biting you and your animals. Not only will the adults be everywhere, but thousands of eggs can be laid very quickly.

Our highly trained technicians first identify that you do indeed have fleas, and what is causing the infestation. After this step, our technicians begin a 2 treatment process of getting rid of the fleas. The first treatment, an aerosol is used and sprayed around the entire home, especially anywhere fleas may be more likely to breed. Once the first treatment is done, the same treatment is done 2 weeks later.

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