4 Reasons Why Pest Control Is Often Not a One-Time Treatment

Have you experienced a home pest invasion? Trying to get rid of troublesome pests once and for all from your home?

If you have, you probably know what a hassle they are to get rid of.

A pest invasion can be a real nuisance. When they come into your space, they can cause all sorts of trouble. From damaging your insulation and wiring to chewing holes in sofas to introducing allergens, these little devils can bring real harm to your home.

And while it might seem like you’ve gotten rid of them, they always return with a vengeance, even with the most powerful pesticide.

Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet for pests that can prevent them from coming back. The closest thing you can do to get rid of them is to apply pest control spray regularly. But how many times should pest control be done? And why is one-time treatment not enough? Keep reading to find out.

How Often Should I Get Pest Control in Nashville?

The frequency of treatments will depend on your property type, what kind of pests you’re dealing with, and other conditions.

Ideally, quarterly pest control in Nashville might be sufficient to keep your home free of most pests. However, if you live in Nashville on 20-acres of land, you may need treatments more regularly.

A pest professional may recommend a monthly or bi-monthly pest control treatment depending on the pest threat levels.

Either way, an initial clean-up service is essential. A clean-up service is a simple visit that allows pest professionals to determine the type of pests in your premises and advice on the best pest control practices and frequency of treatments.

Why Pest Control Is Often Not a One-Time Treatment

Without further ado, here are reasons why you should consider monthly pest control services.

1. They are Pests

Pests are messy little insects. They not only make your home look unattractive but neglected too. Take spiders, for instance. They leave sticky webs that make the house look old and neglected. Cleaning the webbing is also tricky because they flatten and get stuck on the walls.

The goal of pest control is to keep pests away and all the problems they bring along.

That said, a monthly treatment plan will keep all pests away from your home. It ensures you’ve killed all the pests and the eggs that were not impacted by the chemical treatment. The way to completely get rid of pests is to interrupt their lifecycle.

A one-time treatment will surely destroy the bugs.

But at some point, the eggs that were not affected by the chemical will hatch, and the bugs will return. Monthly treatment ensures nothing is left to chance.

2. Pests Can be Harmful to Health

Mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, and rats are all common carriers of diseases.

Mosquitoes, for example, can carry diseases such as malaria. Rodents, including bats, can carry the plague and other serious diseases. Additionally, pests can pose serious threats to your health, even when not carrying diseases.

For instance, all pests leave behind shed skin and fecal matter that can contaminate the air you and your family breathe. Common pests, like cockroaches and mosquitoes, can even spread asthma, while others can bring in bacteria.

3. Pests can Cause Major Home Damages

Pests can also cause structural damage to your home.

If you have an untreated wood structure in your home, pests will feast on it, and you’ll find yourself paying high costs for repairs and replacement.

Rodents, like mice, often chew on electrical cables, causing shots that can start house fires. Termites feed on cellulose (found in wood) and can cause serious damage to houses primarily made of wood. And if they exist in large numbers, a single treatment may not be enough to get rid of them. In such cases, monthly treatments can get the job done.

4. Monthly Treatments Can Help You Financially

Some may argue that monthly pest treatment is not worth the cost.

However, experiencing a severe infestation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the situation. If termites, for instance, destroy your ceiling or bed, you may have to replace the ceiling or buy a new bed. Routine maintenance helps to get rid of pests before they pose serious threats to your property.

On the savings front, Certified Pest Control offers monthly lawn treatments at a discounted price, so you get the best bang for your buck.

Call Certified Pest Control for Pest Control Services

Finding the best pest control company is crucial if you want to eradicate these troublesome pests in your home efficiently. Certified Pest Control is your best bet if you’re looking for a reliable pest control partner in Nashville.

We offer pest control services in Nashville, TN, for different types of bugs and a year-round preventive treatment.

Contact us today and let our certified professionals remove the pest menace from your home and life.  


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