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Rodents. Insects. Countless other pests. As Nashville exterminators, we’ve seen and dealt with it all. And surely, you’ve had to call an exterminator to help you out at least once or twice. 

Squeezing into tight spaces, crawling under buildings, balancing on roofs, and climbing stairs are all tasks that require a good amount of energy and stamina. Spraying smelly chemicals can also prove challenging, considering this is done on a regular basis. 

But, did you know there is more to exterminators than meets the eye? Exterminators have a particular type of work, which comes with its ups and downs. However, it’s also a very interesting profession. Here are a couple of fun facts to know about exterminators.

Fact 1 – Exterminators Can Save Bees

Bee colonies are beneficial for the environment. According to 2021 research, there is a steady decline in bee species. There were around 25% fewer species recorded between 2006 and 2015 compared to before the 90s. Bees have a key role to play in maintaining the planet. They pollinate the food we eat. 

Professional pest control doesn’t have to eliminate them. Some exterminators can quickly identify the bee species and make plans to relocate them safely. They can contact a local beekeeper or use a bait track to coax the bee colony out of their hive and into the box. This helps relocate the bees without harming them. 

Wasp nests can be equally draining. It is one of the top reasons people call for an exterminator. Wasp nests can start to form beneath decks, and porches, making it hard to know where they are coming from.

Fact 2 – Removal of an Active Cockroach or Ant Infestation Can Take 90 to 120 min

Roaches and ants are master hiders. They have the ability to conceal themselves in all kinds of areas. They also have a reputation for high breeding capacity. That’s because female roaches don’t always need a male cockroach to reproduce. 

In fact, female roaches can reproduce for years without a mate. This creates a ton of generations of female descendants. Usually, it takes exterminators 90 to 120 minutes to remove an active cockroach or ant infestation. However, if the infestation is severe, it can take longer than that. 

Fact 3 – Severe Rodent Removal Can Take Multiple Days

A severe rodent infestation can cause serious damage to any property. Different species have different feeding and nesting behaviors. An exterminator can remove rodents in as little as one day to a couple of days. If the infestation is severe, you can’t expect immediate results. 

Fact 4 – Flea Infestations Can Occur After Someone’s Moved Out of a Home 

Dealing with fleas in a new home or apartment? It’s likely that other pests like raccoons or opossums can have fleas which then introduces them to your pets if they frequent your backyard or other outdoor areas. Luckily, a pest control exterminator can quickly help you get rid of them and keep your pets, and yourself, protected. 

Fact 5 – One of the Most Dangerous insects is the Common Housefly 

Flies are most present during the warmer months and are likely found to linger around open liquids like your pet’s water bowl or left out drinks. While they’re annoying to have around and can seem harmless, it’s important to know that they carry and transmit more diseases than any other animal in the world. 

Certified Pest Control Exterminators in Nashville

Tennessee is full of pests. Especially cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs, spiders, and ants. You should maintain a pest-free home to keep your health in excellent shape. Pest management can help with that. With a pest control specialist in Nashville, you get complete control over your situation. 

Exterminators have access to reliable equipment that can eradicate pests and offer a safe space for you and your family. Exterminators get to the root of the problem and have the expertise to eliminate any insects or pests to prevent future harm. 

If you want pest control services, we got what you need. Our team of exterminators has years of experience and offers reliable services. 

At Certified Pest Control Nashville, TN, you have access to practical services, such as removing wasps, ants, crickets, centipedes, and more. Contact us today at 615.886.7139 to find out more!

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