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What if we told you that calling an exterminator can prevent pest infestations in or around your home? Contrary to popular belief, the exterminator does not have to be your last resort. It’s better to call sooner rather than later!

But at what point do you definitely need to call an exterminator in Nashville, TN? Even if you aren’t too concerned at first, here are the top reasons you should have an exterminator assess the situation:

  1. Fleas on the Furniture
  2. One Too Many Spiders
  3. A Mosquito Breeding Ground
  4. Wasp Nests Abound
  5. Noticing Other Pests?

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Fleas on the Furniture

As much as you may love your four-legged pets, we are sure you want to avoid the fleas that like to nestle into their fur and, eventually, catch a ride into your home. One of the first signs to look for is if your dog or cat is scratching more than usual. Another bad sign? If you climb out of bed or off the couch and notice itchy, red bumps on your skin.

Because fleas breed and multiply their numbers quickly, you will want to act fast as soon as you find any on your pet or bite bumps on you. Even if you only find a few adult fleas in your home, they have likely already laid their eggs in carpets, rugs, your pet’s bedding, under furniture, or even in floorboard cracks.

One Too Many Spiders

It is not uncommon to discover a house spider in areas that can be damp, such as your basement or crawl space. At the same time, some spiders prefer dry areas, like an upper corner of a room, the attic, or even an air vent. Oftentimes, these spiders are harmless and actually prey on mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. Still, even for the spider lovers, there can be one too many spiders in your home!

If you begin to notice spiders running about your floors, for example, this can be an indicator that they are finding an obvious entrance to your home, probably through a crack in the door. Or, if spiders are emerging from clutter piles in your home or garage, you should think twice about leaving them alone. No one wants spider nests!

Of course, if you have children or pets and you notice a plethora of wolf spiders or any poisonous spiders, like the brown recluse or black widow, you should call an exterminator immediately.

A Mosquito Breeding Ground

Even though mosquitoes are one of the inevitable and most common pests that emerge in the summer months, there is a point where you might have a mosquito breeding ground on your hands. Mosquitoes look for nearby water sources, so be wary of stagnant water in bird baths, ponds, fountains, and untreated swimming pools. Don’t underestimate this pest; mosquitoes are responsible for nearly 800,000 deaths each year in the U.S. due to the diseases they carry.

If you begin to notice a swarm of mosquitoes biting your family members, landing on patio furniture, or gathering around outdoor light sources, it is time to take action! A monthly mosquito treatment will help you prevent such a situation altogether, or tame an already out-of-hand one.

Wasp Nests Abound

Especially in the spring and summer months, wasp nests will begin to appear underneath porches, decks, and the rims of above ground pools. A nest the size of a walnut or golf ball shouldn’t alarm you, but keep an eye on it: The nest will likely continue to grow as the number of wasps increases. And the bigger or more nests you notice, the more likely you are to encounter their builders.

Wasps, unlike some of the other pests we’ve mentioned, are particularly aggressive. If they become agitated or threatened, they will attack the intruder – sometimes in packs. This can be particularly dangerous if someone in your home is allergic to wasp stings. Unfortunately, wasp and bee stings account for 50 to 60 fatalities in the U.S. every year.

Noticing Other Pests?

In addition to the pesky bugs mentioned above, ants, centipedes, cockroaches, ticks, and chiggers are a few other pests Certified Pest Control covers under our Monthly Lawn Protection Plan.

Contact us today if you want to nip a pest infestation in the bud, or prevent it altogether!

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