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While early spring may be the best time to spray your home for bugs, it’s never too late to start! Besides, do itchy, swelling bug bites sound like a blissful summer to you?

In the Nashville metro area, with our dense forests and rivers, there is no shortage of bugs and pests that might get the better of you while you’re trying to kick back and relax.

Here are just a few reasons you should consider monthly pest control services – this summer, and in the cooler months this fall, as well!

  1. Benefit From A Bite-Free Summer
  2. Safely Administer Pesticides
  3. Fortify Your Home
  4. Enjoy A Discounted Rate

Learn more about Certified Pest Control’s Monthly Protection Plan

Benefit from A Bite-Free Summer

Pests are called “pests” for a reason! The original word, pestis, is Latin for both “a disease” and “a plague.” It has been used since the 1600s to describe a destroying or bothersome creature. And the pests of today are just that – buzzing, destructive, and bitey.

A few of the most aggressive biting bugs include mosquitos, chiggers, ticks, fleas, fire ants, and wasps.* Mosquitos are especially pesky and also dangerous as they carry a number of diseases, including West Nile virus, La Crosse virus, and Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus.

*Our Monthly Protection Plan covers the bugs mentioned in bold, but we can help with ants and wasps, too! Learn more about what our Quarterly Protection plan covers. 

Safely Administer Pesticides

DIY pest control is controversial for one primary reason: safety. First, there are different pesticides – with different concentration levels – that you would have to purchase and that are specific to each insect species. If that were not complicated enough, treating your own yard would not only require spraying diligently, but also following all safety instructions, ensuring proper ventilation, and safely storing the pesticides away from children and pets.

A professional and certified exterminator like Certified Pest Control, on the other hand, conveniently provides the safest and environmentally-friendly pest control services available, coupled with Integrated Pest Management. In fact, IPM involves:

  • Combining pest control techniques for ecosystem-friendly and long-term prevention.
  • Using only the recommended, mixed/diluted amount of pesticides.
  • Applying in an isolated, well-ventilated area or unoccupied area.
  • Safely disposing of unwanted pesticides to minimize exposure.

Fortify Your Home

With special care for the air, soil, water, and other organisms, the IPM method also is used to determine factors in your yard or home that are allowing pests to thrive. When that is determined, the goal of IPM is working to create unfavorable conditions for the pest, which ultimately fortifies your home.

For example, with the Certified Pest Control Monthly Protection Plan, technicians monitor your home’s pest situation on a regular basis, record their findings and any pesticide applications, and make future recommendations based on those findings.

In a few words: IPM focuses more on pest prevention and uses pesticides sparingly, as needed. This is actually more effective because it eliminates sources that might attract and allow pests to breed, such as food sources, standing water, and shelter.

Enjoy A Discounted Rate

Did we forget to mention that monthly lawn treatment with Certified Pest Control is also discounted? You heard that right!

Compared to our full-coverage Yearly Protection Plan, the Monthly Protection Plan begins in April and continues through October, which provides thorough prevention and protection from most of summer’s worst pests (mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and chiggers) at a cheaper rate.

Plus, we don’t require a contract, issue cancellation fees, or deny re-services. If pests return, we will come back – at no cost to you!

Let Certified Pest Control tackle your yard! Contact us today about our Monthly Protection Plan and other services.

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