Are they dangerous?


Wasps can be dangerous if you enter their territory. For the most part, wasps won’t attack you unless you are attacking them of their nest. However, sometimes you may wander into their territory or into a nest unknowingly and they will sting you! Their stings are not lethal, however can be pretty painful. After a few minutes the sting will stop hurting and then begin itching for the next few days.


Wasps are very similar to bees in the way their nests work. They are lead by one single queen, with the rest of them living under a caste system. When winter comes, the queen overwinters, and in spring starts the colony again by herself!

Wasps nest near your house?

Wasps flying around outside constantly can be very irritating. They pose the constant threat of stinging you, making it hard for you to enjoy a nice day outside! Wasps are also very quick builders, so their nests can grow very large in size and in number of wasps quickly.

Our highly trained technicians first identify the type of Wasps you have in your home or yard and where they originate. We then utilize a professional control method consisting of aerosols that immediately kill that will eliminate the Wasps and the nest. After they have been killed the nest will be removed from the exterior of the home.

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